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Here at EPT, we are here to meet you at whatever point you currently find yourself to be at. Perhaps you’re down or anxious, maybe you’re unsure about the future, or held back by the past, or perhaps feel you aren’t living the life you were meant to lead. Whatever your needs may be, EPT is here to offer support. 

As a qualified and experienced therapist who is now completing a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology, EPT can offer you an informed and unique therapy experience. Not only are the general therapy skills available but also a wealth of evidence and research-based psychology and philosophy theory upon which to help you get to where you want to be in life.

Whether you need a listening ear, a solution to a problem, skills to move forward with, or behaviour change EPT can support you. No issue is too big or too small.

Trained and experienced in a variety of modalities including, CBT, DBT, Psychoanalysis, Mindfulness, and Existential based therapies there will always be a suitable way to help you through.

At EPT therapy is viewed as a unique and tailored experience.

 What we Do


We can help you with a range of issues including…..  




Relationship issues

Work related issues




Chronic pain


Isolation & Loneliness


Fertility & parenting

School issues

I came to therapy knowing something wasnt right but wasn't able to work out what. It didn't take long to see where I was stuck in life and make small changers with big impacts.

Lisa- Depression

You were there when I felt I had no one. You held me tightly through an awful time, without judgement . I have never felt so safe and cared for.

Mia- Trauma

My daughter 's anxiety has all but gone. She knows how to spot it building up and take care of herself to lessen it. She is like a different teenager

Aria- Anxiety

I am so lucky to have found a therapist who I clicked with so quickly. From day one I felt listened to and cared for. I am so glad to have stared my addiction in the face and be free of the issues behind it.

Paul- Addiction